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18th Annual Conference of the Polish Phenomenological Association

Phenomenology of Time and Space

In association with

Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences

Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw

Phenomenology and Mental Health Network, The Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice, St. Catherine’s College, Oxford

Warsaw, Staszic Palace, 7-8 December 2018
Deadline for submissions 15 October 2018

Confirmed speakers:
Havi Carel (University of Bristol)
Joseph K. Schear (University of Oxford)
Silvia Stoller (University of Graz)

The goal of the conference is to rethink the fundamental phenomenological categories of time and space in their ontological, epistemological, and existential manifestations. We also aim at reviewing their contemporary relevance in various research fields inspired and affected by phenomenology (phenomenological psychology, anthropology, psychopathology, and cognitive science). How is lived experience of time and space connected to its transcendental backbone? How are time and space related to one another? Which secondary phenomena can be phenomenologically reduced to time and space? What can empirically oriented sciences gain from theoretical-phenomenological considerations on time and space?

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Antoni Kępiński (1918-1972), a major 20th-century Polish phenomenological psychiatrist, a session of phenomenological psychopathology of time and space will be held.

We welcome proposals of papers in the following themes:

  • Contemporary relevance of classical phenomenological reflection on time and space (Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Derrida etc.)
  • Lived experience of time and space; the relationship between time and space at different levels of experience (transcendental/ eidetic/ existential)
  • Ways of temporalizing and spatializing in diverse lifeworlds (phenomenological
  • Phenomenological underpinnings of empirical research on time and space (objectifying accounts of time and space)
    Time and space in 4E cognition – the contribution of phenomenology
  • Norm and pathology of temporal and spacial experience (theoretical phenomenological psychopathology and clinical cases)
  • Polish and Central-Eastern European phenomenologists on time and space

Further information:
Submissions should be in English, French, German, or Polish

The conference fee is 50 EUR (or 200 PLN) (coffee and refreshments are included)

Please send abstracts prepared for a blind review (max. 500 words) to:

The deadline for abstracts is 15th October 2018. Applicants will be notified shortly afterwards.

Conference program